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The DCybSec degree provides an opportunity to combine a doctoral thesis with the coursework component of a Master of Cyber Security (8628), or Cyber Security (Operations) (8629) or Cyber Security, Strategy and Diplomacy (8631).

The degree consists of one-third coursework (equivalent to one-year full-time study) and two-thirds research (equivalent to two-years full-time study) which may be in an area encountered by the student while undertaking coursework.

The program is intended to prepare candidates for the highest level of professional practice, in which they can contribute significantly to the development of the multi-disciplinary study of cyber security.

High level professional practice in the field of cyber security involves the continuous improvement of the associated body of knowledge in order to manage the ever-increasing complexity of information security and assurance. This extension requires significant experience and a mastery of the professional body of knowledge, underpinned by strong research skills.

In this program, mastery of the professional body of knowledge is achieved in the coursework component, which builds on prior education and the experience gained through professional practice.

Based on this mastery of the professional body of knowledge, the thesis component of the program develops the research skills necessary for an experienced practitioner to be able to make a significant contribution to the continuous improvement of professional practice in the field of cyber security. See UNSW Higher Degree Research Learning Outcomes.

The degree consists of one third coursework (equivalent to two semesters full-time study) and two thirds research (equivalent to a minimum of four semesters full-time study) which may be taken in an area encountered by the student while undertaking coursework.

All coursework must be completed before the commencement of the dissertation. Assessment of the research component is as for other final higher research degrees, i.e. award / not award / re-submit.



Study Level


Typical duration

3 Years

Delivery Mode

Face-to-face, Research

Academic Calendar

Research Calendar

Minimum Units of Credit


Award type

Professional Doctorate


Doctor of Cyber Security - DCybSec



Entry Requirements

Additional Information

Award of the Degree

The degree of Doctor of Cyber Security may be awarded by the Council on the recommendation of the Research Higher Degree Committee, UNSW Canberra (hereinafter referred to as the Committee) to a candidate who after satisfactorily completing a qualifying program comprising 48 units of credit in a relevant Masters degree has, through the submission of a thesis based on his or her research, made an original and significant contribution to knowledge in the field of cyber security.

Full credit for the qualifying program will be given for students who have previously completed a relevant Masters level degree in a field of cyber security.

Further Information

For further information on policies, procedures and forms, see the Graduate Research website.

Program Fees

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