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The first component of this course provides a framework for understanding how airports function, the many demands placed upon them by a wide range of stakeholders and what is needed for airports to be successful at both an operational and business level. Students will gain insights into the major issues facing airport managers today This course offers a mix of Facilitator lectures and Guest presentations - students will gain valuable insights from current experts in their field The major student assignment will require students to immerse themselves in a specific airport - to understand the basic business and operational functions of the airport.

The second component of this course covers Aviation Security. As the aviation industry grows so too does the potential for terrorist and criminal activities against the industry. Aviation has been and continues to be an attractive target for terrorists, including the recent attacks against airports and aircraft operators. Students will learn about the complex set of procedures and activities that, when brought together, results in a secure and efficient transport system. Students will also cover case studies of how interruptions to that system, such Pan Am flight 108, 9/11, the Brussels Airport attack or even the Sydney aircraft plot of July 2017 can and will have far reaching effects on public confidence and their expectations, government oversight, delays and costs to industry, and the potential for loss of live and suffering.


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Term 2



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