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The rise of organised sport coincided with Australia's development as a nation, playing a major role in developing Australian identities. As one of Australia's major cultural practices, participation, and success in international sport became an essential element in projecting Australia on the global stage. In the late twentieth century sport became one of nation's fastest growing industries. This course explores the history of Australian sport and the development of a body of law to underpin its place and function in Australian society. Topics include sport and Australian nationalism; the rise of organised sport in Australia; development of sports governance; the intersection of sport and the law in issues of race, gender, ethnicity and religion; the debate between amateurism and professionalism; Australian sport on the global stage; doping and the law, the court of Arbitration for sport; the impact of corporate interest in Australian sport.


Main Topics

Sports Governance

The Intersection of Sport and the Law in Australia

Public Policy and Sport

Commodification of Sport

The International Dimension: The Court of Arbitration for Sport and the World Anti-Doping Agency

Faculty Faculty of Law
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This course is offered as General Education.

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