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MATH1031 will provide you with a good knowledge of topics in Calculus and Linear Algebra and show applications in interdisciplinary contexts through lectures, videos and exercises. It will enhance your skills in analytical thinking and problem solving through illustrative examples in lectures, problem based tutorials and an assignment. The course will also engage you in independent and reflective learning through your independent mastery of tutorial problems and Maple. The mathematical skills that you will develop are generic problem solving skills, based on logical arguments that can be applied in multidisciplinary work. You will be encouraged to develop your communication skills through active participation in tutorials, and by writing clear and logical arguments in the assignment and when solving tutorial problems.

Note: This course is not intended for students who propose to study a substantial amount of Mathematics beyond first year level. Many later year courses in Mathematics have completion of MATH1231, MATH1241 or MATH1251 as a prerequisite. This course can be taken as a preparatory course by students who need to take MATH1131 but do not meet the assumed knowledge requirement.

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Term 1, Term 3



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Fully on-site

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