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The syllabus comprises a detailed analysis of gene structure and function which includes: structure and properties of polynucleotides such as DNA and RNA; structure of chromatin; mechanisms and regulation of gene replication, transcription and translation, DNA repair and the molecular biology of cancer induction; recombinant DNA technology; nulceic acid sequencing, ecombinant DNA technology, application of genomics and proteomics, microarray analyses; protein production using recombinant DNA systems. Practical work provides extensive experience with contemporary molecular techniques; literature surveys and web-based research are also used to enhance the theoretical and practical aspects of the syllabus.
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Offering Terms

Term 1



Delivery Mode

Fully on-site

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Conditions for Enrolment

Prerequisite: BIOC2201, BIOC2101 or BABS2204 or BABS2264 or BABS2202 or MICR2011

Course Outline

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