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A molecular approach to understanding the complex, dynamic interactions that comprise cellular function. Concepts drawn from biochemistry, genetics and molecular biology together with classical cell biology will be integrated to produce a contemporary interpretation of cellular life. Topics to be covered include the structure and function of the cell: membranes, organelles, and cytoskeleton; communication within and between cells; the regulation of cell cycling and the differentiation of cells from a single cell to the whole organism. The theoretical coverage will be extended by the addition of self-paced exercises which will require the students to survey the latest developments in this area. Practical work illustrates and complements the lectures, provides extensive experience with contemporary molecular cell techniques and will be enhanced by the inclusion of leading-edge technologies. This advanced course is designed to suit students who plan to pursue research careers in molecular cell biology or related disciplines.

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Term 2



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Conditions for Enrolment

Prerequisite: BIOC2101, BIOC2201. Restricted to Advanced Science programs (3985, 3990, 3962, 3972, 3973, 3986, 3931, 3936)

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