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This course provides introductory level tuition in Korean language from a communicative and task-based approach. The medium of instruction is English and, wherever appropriate, Korean. Through this course, you will develop basic communicative skills in Korean through various speaking and writing activities. The course begins with the Korean sound system and basic greetings and introduces a number of grammatical structures and vocabulary that are essential to basic communication in Korean. Vocabulary and grammatical structures are expressed in Hangeul and presented within the context of culturally relevant topics. The topics covered in the course include introductions and greetings, Korean alphabet, exchanging information, offering and asking, counting, telling the time and making appointments, discussing daily routines as well as food, travelling and places in Korea. Wherever appropriate, the course utilises K-pop materials and 'cyber-realia'.  

This course is a beginners-level language course. All students who have had some experience with the language, either as a heritage language or through previous instruction, must fill in the placement questionnaire available at You will not be permitted to enrol in a language course that is too easy for you. If this occurs, you will be requested to change your enrolment.


Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences

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Term 1, Term 2



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Fully on-site

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This course is offered as General Education.

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