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This course explores the dynamic, diverse, and troubled civilization of Greece during the Bronze, Archaic, and Classical eras (circa 1200-323 BC). You will begin by exploring the origins of polis-based Greek civilization, and then trace its evolution during the Archaic Era (circa 750-500 BC). After analysing the startling Greek triumph over the Persian Empire in the early 5th century BC and its repercussions, the course goes on to examine the two-century arc of triumph and failure of Classical Greek polis civilization (ca. 500-338 BC). Finally, you will turn to Alexander the Great and his conquests. Several themes will animate the course: the origin, nature, and evolution of economic and social structures; the origin, nature, and evolution of military and political institutions and practices; Greek democracy; Greek interaction with non-Greeks.


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This course is offered as General Education.

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