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The understanding we have of our nature as reasoning beings is a fascinating topic which has captivated thinkers for thousands of years. In this course we will chart its history and focus on the developments in the recent past. This course aims to introduce you to and to develop some key skills involved in critically assessing and developing arguments. More broadly, the course aims to develop skills and abilities that are essential for dealing discursively with open intellectual questions and complex practical issues and problems of many kinds, and it is expected that to successfully complete the course, you will have improved your ability to think for yourself in a wide variety of contexts. In particular, you will develop the skills of identifying and analysing arguments; of being able to identify presuppositions of questions.


Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences

Study Level


Offering Terms

Summer Term



Delivery Mode

Partially online

Indicative contact hours


Conditions for Enrolment

Prerequisite: 24 units of credit at Level 1. Excluded: ARTS2366

Course Outline

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Additional Information

This course is offered as General Education.

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