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This course provides an intermediate level program in Korean language study from a communicative and task-based approach. The primary medium of instruction is Korean and where necessary English is also used to clarify the teaching/learning points. You will continue to develop communicative skills in Korean through oral and written activities, with an emphasis on literacy skills. The course consolidates knowledge of, and offers insights into, how the Korean language works, including etymology of selected Sino-Korean words. Vocabulary and grammatical structures are presented in the context of culturally relevant topics. The main themes covered in the course include expressing oneself, life in Korea, and social, political and economic issues.


Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences

Study Level


Offering Terms

Term 3



Delivery Mode

Fully on-site

Indicative contact hours


Conditions for Enrolment

Prerequisite: ARTS2660 or language placement approval

Course Outline

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Additional Information

This course is offered as General Education.

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