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China is a global powerhouse of tremendous economic, political and military influence in the 21st century. Yet, at the start of the 20th century, the country faced domestic turmoil and external invasion. How did the once-prosperous Qing empire become weak and vulnerable? What were the competing Chinese plans to rebuild their fragmented nation through the twentieth century? How have these contested designs for national reconstruction impacted the region and the world through to the present day? The course explores China's dramatic modern history from the mid 1800s onwards. It positions China's national history within an international framework of global contestation about ideals of government and examines dramatic changes in the ways individual subjects and citizens interact with the state and their communities. 


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Prerequisite: 48 UOC including 6 UOC at level 1 and 6 UOC at level 2 in Asian Studies or History. Or 48 UOC incuding 12 UOC in Chinese Studies language courses.Or 48 UOC and enrolment in an International Studies single or dual program (2017 onwards)

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