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ARTS3783 examines the foreign policies of a number of the world's major powers from 1945 to the present. In doing so, it focuses on the problems, threats and challenges that confronted these powers during the Cold War and in the period following the collapse of the old bipolar system; it assesses how these powers perceived these problems, threats and challenges, how they reacted to them and what policies they put in place to offset them. In addition, ARTS3783 analyses the geopolitical, military, economic and domestic constraints under which these powers acted and considers the economic and military capabilities they relied on in pursuance of their foreign policy objectives. Lastly, it discusses the processes, the institutions and the actors involved in foreign policy-making at the national level.


Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences

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Term 1



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Partially online

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Conditions for Enrolment

Prerequisite: 48 UOC overall, including 6 UOC at level 1 and 6 UOC at level 2 in one of the following specialisations, Politics and International Relations

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