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This course will focus on the Sydney Opera House (SOH) as a landmark case-study to explore the key role of interdisciplinary collaboration (IC) and integrated building design (IBD) in the achievement of high performance architecture (HPA). HPA describes buildings that exceed design, environmental, social and economic standards to achieve sustainable urban environments of the future. This course reflects a view that professional practice within the built environment field will require advanced levels of communication and new knowledge to support ongoing development of disciplinary identity, interdisciplinary collaboration and the ability to comprehend and navigate complexity and interdependency in large-scale projects within rapidly changing urban environments. Drawing on their disciplinary knowledge and through experiential site and archive visits, lectures and online resources, individually and in groups, students of diverse disciplinary backgrounds will critically engage with the role of IC and IBD in the achievement of HPA with a focus on the SOH.

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Summer Term, Term 2



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