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Provides an introduction to modern molecular biology and covers the molecular mechanisms of gene expression and fundamental aspects of recombinant DNA technology. The major topics covered include: the structure, function and properties of DNA and RNA; the replication and transcription of DNA; protein synthesis; regulation of gene expression; molecular biological techniques (DNA cloning, hybridization analysis, DNA sequencing, site-directed mutagenesis; the polymerase chain reaction (PCR), and microarrays); Bioinformatics; Applications of Molecular Biology; Biotechnology; and recent advances in molecular biology. Practical work to complement the lectures.Note: Enrolment in this course may be subject to quota restrictions. Such restrictions only apply to students taking this course as an elective part of their plan.
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Term 3



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Fully on-site

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Prerequisite: BABS1201 or DPST1051 and CHEM1011 or DPST1031 or CHEM1031 or CHEM1051 or CHEM1811 and CHEM1021 or DPST1032 or CHEM1041 or CHEM1061 or CHEM1821

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