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This course discusses the principles and commercial applications of biotechnology to environmental problems. The course is structured to promote self-learning and students' development of Biotech solutions to real-life problems. Biotechnology is not just genes! Individual subject areas include the use of biotechnology to clean up or 'bioremediate' polluted environments as well as the economic recovery of important minerals and precious metals through 'phytomining'. Furthermore, the application of biological systems in preventing pollution by supporting our planet's sustainable development is also explored in subject areas such as 'biofuels' and 'bioplastics'. The controversial issues of agricultural biotechnology are also examined in this course. The course is conducted by UNSW lectures and various speakers from industry, government bodies, etc., including Environment Australia, Australian Nuclear Science & Technology Organisation (ANSTO) amongst others. Assessment is in the form of a final examination with advance choice of subject areas and a company developed Environmental Impact Statement for bioremediation of a real-life environmental scenario.
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