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Organic molecules are at the heart of the chemistry of life and industry. This course builds on the fundamental chemical principles learned in first year, exploring many of the central reactions that form the basis of living processes, modern research, and contemporary industrial transformations.  The course contains a problem-based module on the application of spectroscopic methods to organic structure elucidation, focusing on infrared and nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy. Several modules then develop knowledge of major classes of organic reactions (including compounds containing alkenes, alkynes, aromatic rings, and carbonyl groups) by enriching a study of key reactions with an understanding of relevant reaction mechanisms. The concepts of reactivity and selectivity in the manipulation of more complex compounds will be highlighted, with an emphasis on biologically relevant molecules. Interleaved throughout the course will be relevant examples from contemporary chemical industries, and important medicinal and pharmaceutical examples.

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Term 2



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Fully on-site

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