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Quantum Engineering is concerned with the design and production of devices that exploit the laws of Quantum Mechanics, unlocking novel functionalities and improved performance. This course will provide an Engineering-oriented and in-depth treatise of the conceptual and practical tools required to model, design and understand natural and engineered quantum systems, such as quantum computers and quantum-enhanced sensors and amplifiers. Particular attention will be given to platforms and algorithms for quantum computation, a technology synonymous with the new quantum revolution.

The course includes a laboratory component that will introduce fundamental quantum effects, ranging from spin resonance to superposition and entanglement. The experiments will demonstrate the tangible applications of these quantum effects, including quantum logic operations, quantum cryptography, quantum state control and magnetic resonance imaging.

A primary outcome of the course is to train and empower students to become active contributors to the emerging field of quantum technologies, which is undergoing an explosive growth, accompanied by an accelerating demand for highly skilled quantum engineers in the workforce.

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Term 3



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Fully on-site

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