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This is the  foundational mechanics course for students in Aerospace, Civil, Environmental, Manufacturing, Mechanical, Mechatronics and Mining Engineering, with content as follows: Revision of vectors, resultants and components, moments; The free body diagram; Equilibrium of planar rigid objects; Equilibrium of systems of co-planar multi-force members and planar trusses; Frames and Machines; Springs; Friction; Mass centre, centroids, distributed forces; Internal forces in beams; Introduction to 3-dimensional statics; Plane particle kinematics, including curvilinear and relative motion; Plane particle kinetics, including equations of motion, work-energy-power, friction, impulse-momentum, impact; Kinetics of systems of particles; Introduction to plane kinematics of rigid bodies, types of rigid body motion (translation, rotation about a fixed axis); Mass moment of inertia, parallel axis theorem, moment of inertia for various shapes, Introduction to plane kinetics of rigid bodies, rigid body in plane motion, equations of motion, work-energy for a rigid body.

Study Level


Offering Terms

Summer Term, Term 2, Term 3



Indicative contact hours


Conditions for Enrolment

Pre-requisite: (MATH1131 OR DPST1013 OR MATH1141) AND (PHYS1121 OR PHYS1131 OR PHYS1141 OR DPST1023)

Course Outline

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