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Engineering is the application of scientific principles to solve real-world problems and is behind the rise of recent and world-changing technologies such as smartphones, electric cars and artificial intelligence. Space mining is possibly one of the most world-changing ideas and most of the focus has been on solving the engineering challenges. Some say that space mining is the way to create a society of limitless resources and change the way that the world can operate, others say that mining space resources will cause crashes in gold, platinum and multiple other markets, creating havoc here on Earth. Issues like these are why subjects like space mining are in need of people from other disciplines, to help understand all of the other problems in this and similar fields and how those problems might be solved.

In this course, we will explore what opportunities this and other world-changing engineering challenges have for those who are not engineers. Students will be taken through the engineering lifecycle of new technologies and encouraged to think about how their unique skills can be applied to these projects.

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This course is offered as General Education.

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