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This wholly Internet-delivered course aims to give a big picture overview of the physical sciences at the dawn of the 21st century and beyond. The most common interface between the general public and science is often through science fiction; hence, science fiction is used as a teaching aid to stimulate student interest and as a starting point from which to communicate the science, and its likely future development. This course also examines the interaction between science and society, encouraging students to consider how culture influences science and vice versa. This course aims to provide students with the level of scientific and technological literacy required to take an informed part in debate on important scientific issues.

The areas covered are: the physics of space and time; astronomy; space travel and exploration; astrobiology: life in the Universe; computers & robotics, artificial intelligence & human intelligence; the future of the human race; the future of planet Earth, including an examination of the physics of climate change; a brief look at the place of physics in popular culture is included.

Note: Students enrolled in a Faculty of Science program should not take this course.

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Term 1



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Fully online

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This course is offered as General Education.

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