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LAWS1122 – Legal System and Skills B (‘LLSB’) is a core course for Humanities Pathway Program (Law) students in Term 2 of their studies. This course is worth 6 units of credit.

LSSB further develops the understanding of the contemporary workings of the Australian legal system gained in LAWS1121 – Legal System and Skills A by adopting a critical and contextual approach. A case study of topical Indigenous legal issues is used to critically examine the extent to which the Australian legal system achieves equality. Students develop an understanding of law in practice through visiting Parliament, which complements learning about the legislative process and statutory interpretation. Students also develop an understanding of the role of evidence and the rules of evidence in legal disputes. Integrated into LSSB is further development of introductory academic skills including basic logic, persuasive writing and plain legal English writing.

These skills and knowledge are an essential foundation for subsequent core courses for Humanities Pathway Program (Law) students in Term 3.

Main Topics:

·         The legislative process

·         Navigating legislation

·         Statutory interpretation techniques

·         Introductory logic

·         Writing in plain legal English

·         The nature and rules of evidence in legal disputes

·         Equality in Australia

·         Indigenous legal issues

·         Locating and using primary and secondary legal materials from other common law jurisdictions

·         Locate and using legislation and other parliamentary materials

Faculty Faculty of Law
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Conditions for Enrolment

Prerequisite: Academic program must be 7016, Humanities Pathway Program.

Course Outline

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