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Functions (and their inverses), limits, asymptotes, continuity; differentiation and applications; integration, the definite integral and applications; inverse trigonometric functions; the logarithmic and exponential functions and applications; sequences and series; mathematical induction; the binomial theorem and applications; introduction to probability theory; introduction to 3-dimensional geometry; introduction to linear algebra.

Assumed knowledge: A level of knowledge equivalent to achieving a mark of at least 60 in HSC Mathematics. Students who have taken General Mathematics will not have achieved the level of knowledge which is assumed in this course.

Note: This course is not intended for students who propose to study a substantial amount of Mathematics beyond first year level. Many later year courses in Mathematics have completion of MATH1231, MATH1241 or MATH1251 as a prerequisite. This course can be taken as a preparatory course by students who need to take MATH1131 but do not meet the assumed knowledge requirement. 

This course is not available as a General Education Course or as an Elective where students have met the assumed knowledge of Mathematics and Mathematics Extension 1.

Study Level


Offering Terms

Term 1, Term 3



Delivery Mode

Partially online

Indicative contact hours


Conditions for Enrolment

Exclusion: Not enrolled in 3991 or any UNSW Business Program and must not have completed MATH1031, 1131, 1141, 1151, ECON1202 or DPST1013

Course Outline

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