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The Clinical Transition course provides students with an opportunity to prepare for the learning and assessment activities in future clinical courses following the ILP in Phase 2.  The course will also assist students to understand the approach to clinical reasoning and to develop skills in clinical reasoning and to understand the roles and expectations of students in clinical environments.  Students completing the ILP in Year 3 will focus on preparing for the Integrated Clinical Studies courses in Phase 2 by renewing the clinical skills acquired in Phase 1 and developing skills in synthesising and summarising clinical information and using the medical literature to critically evaluate clinical cases and write case-based reports. Students completing the ILP in Year 4 will focus on preparing for Phase 3 to understand their role in patient care and management in clinical clerkships.  Teaching in the course will be delivered on the Kensington campus and in the teaching hospitals.  Campus-based activities will include lectures, small group tutorials and case-method tutorials.  Hospital-based activities will include small group tutorials and clinical tutorials to practice clinical skills.  Depending on the objectives of the teaching activities, some activities will be specific for either Year 3 or Year 4 students whereas others will be combined.  The course assessment will be primarily based on attendance and participation in the teaching activities and will be graded Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory.  Formative assessment tasks to provide feedback on progress will include writing a case-based report, delivering an oral case-based presentation and online quizzes.


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