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The course will build on the information you have gained in Pharmacology (PHAR2011) and Physiology (2101 & 2201) as well as Biochemistry (BIOC2101/2181)), Molecular Biology (2201/2291), Chemistry (2021/2041) or Neuroscience Fundamentals (NEUR2201). This course will cover the basic principles of neuropharmacology with an emphasis on drug action on the central and peripheral nervous systems. The course will focus on how the major groups of neurotransmitters, including monoamines, amino acids and neuropeptides, influence the operation of the nervous system. Drugs targeting these transmitter systems will be examined. Issues surrounding drug entry into the central nervous system will be addressed. Clinical applications of neuropharmacology, the link between neuropharmacology and behaviour, and current research investigating the development of drugs for neuronal targets will be addressed. Practical classes will complement the lecture material.

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Term 2



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Fully on-site

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