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This is an introductory level course in physics for students from all disciplines.The course will cover the methods of Physics, including the following topics: the description of motion; forces and momentum; the dynamics of particles; kinetic and potential energy; the conservation of energy; temperature and thermal equilibrium; specific and latent heat; thermal energy; fluids and fluid flow; oscillations and simple harmonic motion; waves, wave reflection, refraction and interference; the wave nature of light; electric fields and charge; electric potential and energy; electric currents; magnetism; electromagnetic induction and Faraday'??s law; early quantum theory and models of the atom; nuclear physics and radioactivity; nuclear energy.

Note: There is no Assumed Knowledge for this course. It also serves as a suitable introduction to Physics for students whose Program requires them to take PHYS1121 or PHYS1131 but who do not have the recommended level of Assumed Knowledge for these courses.

Study Level


Offering Terms

Term 1, Term 3



Indicative contact hours


Conditions for Enrolment

Exclusion: PHYS0001, PHYS1121, PHYS1131 or DPST1023, PHYS1141, PHYS1149

Course Outline

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