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Painting Futures Studio will enable you to develop an individually conceived art practice that explores speculative propositions and tests new ideas. You will be required to address how creative concepts inform the future. You will investigate questions such as, What insight can be gained from the history of painting and how can it provide a context for the future? What are the realities of the present that point toward the next age? In response you will be asked to identify areas of research in relation to a consideration of future. Areas of interest might include utopias and dystopias, posthumanism, evolution, science fiction, scientific discovery, parallel worlds, virtuality, and ecological prospects. This will help you to better appreciate the extent to which painting can offer a way to think about the future.

Painting Futures is an advanced Year 3 studio course within the BFA(Hons) or BMA(Hons) program. It is one of a suite of interrelated core Painting courses that comprise a four-course specialisation in the BFA(Hons) or BMA(Hons) program. This specialist course covers professional studio knowledge, skills and attitudes for painting. This course builds upon concepts and methodologies introduced in Year 2 Painting courses, and relates to companion Year 3 Painting courses by providing a context for more advanced and self-directed studies.

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