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This course is intended to develop your skills in the design and visualisation of virtual spaces with a focus on their applications in the fields of urban and landscape design, architecture, interior design, and heritage studies. To explore the possibilities of virtual space you will reconstruct and reconfigure virtual heritage environments-the phantom structures of the past-and also design the kinds of fantasy spaces that can only exist in the digital realm. You will develop skills in the design of virtual 3D models and learn to produce flythroughs and photorealistic visualisations using programs such as Vectorworks, Photoshop, and associated rendering software. Assessment is based on your demonstrated ability to design virtual spaces and produce 2D representations that inform, excite and delight. The course is one of two 3000-level courses in the spatial design studio stream. It may also be taken as an elective, subject to availability and the completion of 2000-level courses in the spatial design stream.

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