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Radar Fundamentals; Radar Application; Pulse Radar Concepts: Range-Related Calculations, Blind Range, Range Resolution, Maximum Unambiguous Range; Radar Antennas; Radar Range Equation; Pulse Integration; Radar Cross Section; Continuous Wave Radar Concepts; Frequency-Modulated Continuous Wave Radar Concepts; Pulse Doppler Radar Concepts; Moving Target Identification Radar Concepts; Tracking Radar Techniques: Target Acquisition, Sequential Lobbing, Conical Scanning, Monopulse Tracking Techniques, Scan on Receive Only, Range Tracking, Velocity Tracking; Pulse Compression Radar Concepts: Range Resolution, Blind Range, Design Issues; Synthetic Aperture Radar Concepts: Unfocussed and Focussed Synthetic Aperture Radar, Beamwidth, Angular Resolution; Inverse Synthetic Aperture Radar Concepts; Radar Receiver Techniques; Imaging Radar; Range and Cross-Range Resolution; Image Formation and Characteristics; Backscatter Characteristics of Targets and Clutters.

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