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The Bachelor of Media (Screen and Sound Production) [UNSW BMedia (S&SP)] is designed to provide you with foundational and applied skills, knowledge and capabilities relevant to career pathways in a broad range of audio-visual, digital and screen production industries. The emphasis is on the acquisition of relevant creative and professional skills relevant to current media industry contexts, along with a sophisticated conceptual understanding of the increasingly convergent role of media and film in contemporary societies.

Through a suite of electives, you will gain practical experience in digital film and sound production, animation, interaction and game design in a degree that is both ideas driven and vocationally relevant in its orientation. You will gain foundational practical experience in the thoughtful and creative application of established and emerging media technologies, while also being immersed in the history, culture and philosophy of media and film studies through a diverse suite of core and elective courses. The balance between practice and theory, film and media enables you to be at the forefront of an increasingly convergent media landscape.

At level 1 you will study introductory courses in film and media studies and also take a range of foundational courses in video production, sonic arts as well as a course that introduces you to foundational principles of graphic design, animation and interaction design.

At Levels 2 and 3 you select from a wide range of production and project-based courses to expand and deepen your knowledge and understanding in the technical, analytical and conceptual application of various media forms including audio-visual production, screenwriting, animation and game design. Concurrently, you will continue to expand your knowledge of the histories, theories and cultures in the disciplinary courses in film and media studies. It is here that you will develop discipline specific and generic skills in critical and creative thought, writing, research and presentation.

The UNSW BMedia (S&SP) aims to prepare graduates for a leadership role in the thoughtful application of screen and sound production technologies informed by a solid understanding of film and media histories, theories and cultures. Graduates will also gain a deep understanding of the convergence of film and media industries in the contemporary world. You are not simply skilled up in the use of video and sound recorders, computers and media applications, but are encouraged to become thoughtful and resourceful professionals capable of tackling complex issues by drawing on your integrated practical and theoretical expertise. You will become immersed in the current culture of contemporary screen and sound production and theory. You are encouraged to test out emerging ideas and developments and look for novel ways to approach the planning and production of contemporary audio-visual and digital media projects. Graduates will gain foundational expertise in a range of screen and sound production tools, but more importantly, you will be able to interpret and reflect on emerging audio-visual practices and increasingly diverse screen environments, enabling you to take leading, imaginative and inventive roles in the rapidly changing media industries.



Study Level


Typical duration

3 Years

Delivery Mode


Intake Period

Term 1, Term 2, Term 3

Academic Calendar

3+ Calendar

Minimum Units of Credit


Award type

Bachelors Pass


Bachelor of Media - BMedia

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Program Structure

Students must complete 144 UOC as a standalone program.

  1. Media Studies courses (24 UOC)
  2. Film Studies courses (24 UOC)
  3. Screen and Sound Production core and prescribed electives (48 UOC)
  4. Breadth component (48 UOC) as follows:
  • 24 UOC Home minor
  • 12 UOC Free Electives
  • 12 UOC General Education


  • 24-36 UOC External minor
  • 12 UOC Arts & Social Sciences Prescribed Electives
  • 0-12 UOC Free Electives


  • 12 UOC Arts and Social Sciences Prescribed Electives
  • 24 UOC Free Electives
  • 12 UOC General Education

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Optional Minors

Optional Minors description.

You may substitute the Prescribed Arts and Social Sciences Electives and/or Free Electives for an optional minor from the list of UNSW BA approved home or external minors.

If you are completing an External Minor you will complete 24-36 UOC in the minor and by doing so also meet the 12 UOC General Education requirement of the single program.

Maturity Requirements

You must complete at least 24 UOC before enrolling in any Level 2 courses.

You must complete at least 66 UOC before enrolling in any Level 3 courses.

Suggested Arts & Social Sciences Elective Courses

You are encouraged to select from among the following courses offered by UNSW Arts and Social Sciences to fulfill part of your Arts and Social Sciences Elective or Free Elective requirement. Note that prerequisites may apply for some courses.

- ARTS1010 Life of Words (6 UOC)
- ARTS2094 Visual Communication (6 UOC)
- HUMS2000 Arts Internship (6 UOC)
- MDIA1002 Media & Communication Contexts (6 UOC)
- MDIA1003 PR & Advertising Foundations (6 UOC)
- MDIA1004 News Fundamentals (6 UOC)
- MDIA2005 Advertising (6 UOC)

Sample Programs

To access sample program(s), please visit:

Progression Requirements


University Medal

Award of Pass with Distinction

Additional Information

Film Studies Minor

Completion of 24 UOC in Film Studies courses will automatically confer a minor in Film Studies at the time of graduation.

Further Information

Contact the Arts and Social Sciences Student Services for advice.

Program Fees

At UNSW fees are generally charged at course level and therefore dependent upon individual enrolment and other factors such as student's residency status. For generic information on fees and additional expenses of UNSW programs, click on one of the following:

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