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This double degree of the Bachelor of Media (Screen & Sound Production) and the Bachelor of Arts (UNSW BA) allows you to combine your passion for screen and sound production with in-depth study of a specific area of the arts and humanities.

The BMedia (Screen & Sound Production) component is structured to offer a philosophical and cultural foundation in the media studies and film studies core as well as conceptual and practical skills in screen and sound production.

The Bachelor of Arts (UNSW BA) is designed to provide you with all the benefits of an education in the Humanities, Social Sciences and the Creative and Performing Arts. The degree is flexible so that you can structure it around your skills, interests and career aspirations. With over 30 areas of study to choose from you will be able to develop knowledge and skills that combine with and complement your screen and sound production studies to give you a distinctive edge as a graduate.

This double degree provides graduates with great opportunities to work across a wide range of communication disciplines and fields


Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences



Study Level


Typical duration

4 Years

Intake Period

Term 1, Term 3

Academic Calendar

3+ Calendar

Minimum Units of Credit



Bachelor of Media - BMedia

Bachelor of Arts - BA

UAC Code




Stand Alone Programs

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Double Degree Structure

Students must complete 192 UOC.

Bachelor of Media (Screen and Sound Production) (96 UOC)

  1. Media Studies core and prescribed electives (24 UOC)
  2. Film Studies core and prescribed electives (24 UOC)
  3. Screen and Sound Production core and prescribed electives (48 UOC)

Bachelor of Arts (96 UOC)

  1. A home major stream (60 UOC)
  2. A minor stream (24 UOC)
  3. Arts and Social Sciences Prescribed Electives (12 UOC)

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Home Majors and Minors

3409 - Arts

Home Majors and Minors description.

You are required to complete one Home Major and one Minor.

Note: The BA Music Studies majors/minors (MUSCJ1, MUSCJ2, MUSCK1) are not available in programs 3452 Music/Arts and 3474 Music (Honours)/Arts.

Maturity Requirements

3438 - Media (Screen and Sound Production)

You must complete at least 24 UOC before enrolling in any Level 2 courses.

You must complete at least 66 UOC before enrolling in any Level 3 courses.

Academic Writing & Language Enhancement

3409 - Arts

ARTS2050 Academic Writing for the Humanities (6 UOC) and HUMS1005 Personalised English Language Enhancement (6 UOC) can be counted as UNSW Arts and Social Sciences Prescribed Electives or Free Electives.

Double Majors

3409 - Arts

Double majors are not available in Double Degrees.

Maturity Requirements

3409 - Arts

You must have completed 24 UOC before taking any Level 2 courses.

You must have completed 48 UOC, including 6 UOC at Level 1 and 6 UOC at Level 2 in your major/minor before taking any Level 3 courses.

Specialisation Declaration

3409 - Arts

You must specify your major and minor at the time of enrolment in Level 2 courses.

Sample Double Degree(s)

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Program Fees

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Additional Information

Bachelor Media (Screen & Sound Production) - Film Studies Minor
Completion of 24 uoc in Film Studies courses will automatically confer a minor in Film Studies at the time of graduation.

Further Information
Contact the UNSW Arts and Social Sciences Student Centre for advice.

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