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The Bachelor of Commerce/Bachelor of Science (Advanced Mathematics) (Honours)(BCom/BSc (Adv Math) (Hons) is a 5 year dual degree program which will meet the needs of students wanting an advanced program of study in mathematics or statistics, complemented with a strong, focused and highly regarded business course.
Faculty Faculty of Science

UNSW Business School

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Bachelor of Science (Advanced Mathematics) (Honours) - BSc(AdvMath)(Hons)

Bachelor of Commerce - BCom

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Stand Alone Programs

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Double Degree Structure

Students must complete 240 UOC.

Bachelor of Advanced Mathematics (Honours) (144 UOC)
1. An approved Advanced Mathematics (Honours) major and
2. SCIF1131;
3. 48 units of credit Honours Year; and
4. Science elective courses

Bachelor of Commerce (96 UOC)
1. Compulsory core courses (24 UOC)
2. Flexible core courses (24 UOC)
3. Major requirements (48 UOC)

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Major Course Substitution

3523 - Advanced Mathematics (Honours) / Commerce

For any majors that require ECON1202, MATH1011/MATH1031/MATH1131/MATH1141/MATH1151 completed under the Advanced Maths (Hons) component will act as a substitute so in these cases a student should not do ECON1202 but instead complete another Major elective to meet the 48UOC requirement.

Major Declaration

3956 - Advanced Mathematics (Honours)

Students must complete exactly one approved Bachelor of Science (Advanced Mathematics) (Honours) major, and this must be declared before enrolling in Level III courses. Students cannot undertake a double major in this program.


3502 - Commerce

Student must have completed 24 UOC before taking any level 2 courses.
Student must have completed 48 UOC before taking any level 3 courses.

Program Fees

At UNSW fees are generally charged at course level and therefore dependent upon individual enrolment and other factors such as student's residency status. For generic information on fees and additional expenses of UNSW programs, click on one of the following:

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