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Computer Science involves the study of the design, construction and uses of computer systems. It is concerned with the representation of data and data structures in computer systems and the design of algorithms for automatic manipulation of this information by programming languages and machine systems. It is very much concerned with the design and development of hardware and software tools by which computer applications may be developed, but not so much with the applications themselves. It is, however, noted that non-computing elements (such as human interface or psychological aspects) can often dictate the level of success of computing systems. At UNSW, particular emphasis is given to comprehension of the basic principles behind computing tools, operating systems, compilers and translators, and computer hardware.

Further details on the program requirements, electives, and advice regarding the order and placement of courses in the program can be found at: Courses-Programs



Study Level


Typical duration

3 Years

Delivery Mode


Intake Period

Term 1, Term 2, Term 3

Academic Calendar

3+ Calendar

Minimum Units of Credit


Award type

Bachelors Pass


Bachelor of Science - BSc

UAC Code




Program Structure

Students must complete 144 UOC as a standalone program.

  1. Complete a 96 UOC CS major stream
  2. 36 UOC of Free Electives - students can also choose to undertake an optional minor or a combination of an optional minor and Free Electives to fulfil this requirement
  3. 12 UOC of General Education

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Progression Requirements

University Medal

Award of Pass with Distinction

Program Fees

At UNSW fees are generally charged at course level and therefore dependent upon individual enrolment and other factors such as student's residency status. For generic information on fees and additional expenses of UNSW programs, click on one of the following:

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