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The Dual degree program, Bachelor of Arts Bachelor of Education (Secondary) is a four-year program (192 UOC) for intending secondary school teachers. The program is a nationally accredited pre-service qualification.

You will combine studies in two single or one double secondary teaching specialisation(s) from the Bachelor of Arts. The program covers both theoretical and practical aspects of education, including 80 days supervised professional experience in at least two different secondary schools.


Study Level


Typical duration

4 Years

Intake Period

Term 1, Term 3

Academic Calendar

3+ Calendar

Minimum Units of Credit



Bachelor of Arts - BA

Bachelor of Education (Secondary) - BEd (Secondary)

UAC Code




Stand Alone Programs

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Double Degree Structure

Students must complete 192 UOC.

Bachelor of Arts (96 UOC)
1. A home major (60 UOC)
2. A minor (24 UOC)
3. Arts and Social Sciences Prescribed Electives (12 UOC)
1. A home major (60 UOC)
2. An extended minor (36 UOC)

Bachelor of Education (96 UOC)
1. Education Core (66 UOC)
2. Prescribed Education method electives (24 UOC)
3. Prescribed Education electives (6 UOC)

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Home Majors and Minors

3409 - Arts

Home Majors and Minors description.

You are required to complete one Home Major and one Minor.

Note: The BA Music Studies majors/minors (MUSCJ1, MUSCJ2, MUSCK1) are not available in programs 3452 Music/Arts and 3474 Music (Honours)/Arts.

Level 3 Core Courses

4056 - Education (Secondary)

Level 3 Core Courses description.

You must take 18 UOC of the following courses:

Level 4 Core Courses

4056 - Education (Secondary)

Level 4 Core Courses description.

You must take 18 UOC of the following courses.

Please note that EDST6765 cannot be studied concurrently with another course.

Prescribed Education Methods

4056 - Education (Secondary)

Prescribed Education Methods description.

You must take four single method courses in two areas of specialisation (24 UOC), taking 12 UOC per term. The specialisations are:

4053 Arts/Ed (Sec) - Ancient History, Modern History, Drama, English, Extension English, English as an Additional Language or Dialect (EAL/D), Geography, Society and Culture, Indigenous (Aboriginal) Studies, French, German, Spanish, Korean, Chinese, Japanese, Indonesian, Legal Studies, Music

3446 Mus/Ed (Sec) & 3470 Mus (Hons)/Ed (Sec) - Music, Extension Music

Major/Minor Restrictions and Education Methods

4053 - Arts / Education (Secondary)

Certain major/minor combinations are restricted due to teaching specialisation requirements:
- Asian Studies, Australian Studies, Environmental Humanities, European Studies minors - must be combined with History major
- Creative Writing, Film Studies, Media, Culture & Technology, Philosophy minors - must be combined with English major
- Womens & Gender Studies minor - must be combined with English or History major

The Prescribed Education Methods comprise of two of the following teaching specialisations: Aboriginal (Indigenous) Studies, Ancient History, Drama, English, English as an Additional Language or Dialect (EAL/D), Geography, Languages (Chinese, French, German, Indonesian, Japanese, Korean, Spanish), Legal Studies, Modern History, Music Studies (Intensive), Society and Culture.

Academic Writing & Language Enhancement

3409 - Arts

ARTS2050 Academic Writing for the Humanities (6 UOC) and HUMS1005 Personalised English Language Enhancement (6 UOC) can be counted as UNSW Arts and Social Sciences Prescribed Electives or Free Electives.

Double Majors

3409 - Arts

Double majors are not available in Double Degrees.

Maturity Requirements

3409 - Arts

You must have completed 24 UOC before taking any Level 2 courses.

You must have completed 48 UOC, including 6 UOC at Level 1 and 6 UOC at Level 2 in your major/minor before taking any Level 3 courses.

Specialisation Declaration

3409 - Arts

You must specify your major and minor at the time of enrolment in Level 2 courses.

Eligibility requirements for Professional Experience

4056 - Education (Secondary)

The following programs require students to follow prescribed program plans in order to meet eligibility requirements for professional experience: 3462 Commerce/Education, 4076 Science/Education, 4058 Economics/Education, 3446 Music/Education, 4063 Fine Arts/Education, 4064 Design/Education, 4066 Media Arts/Education. Refer to the relevant Sample Program.

Sample Double Degree(s)

To access sample program(s), please visit:

Program Fees

At UNSW fees are generally charged at course level and therefore dependent upon individual enrolment and other factors such as student's residency status. For generic information on fees and additional expenses of UNSW programs, click on one of the following:

Additional Information

Stream availability

  • The following streams are not available in this program: Development Studies, Criminology, Politics & International Relations, Arts & Social Sciences, Modern Greek Studies, Italian Studies, and all external minors.
  • The following streams are only available as a minor: Asian Studies, Creative Writing, Environmental Humanities, European Studies, Film Studies, Linguistics (ext), Media, Culture & Technology, Philosophy.
  • The following stream is only available as a major: Music Studies (Intensive).

Teaching Area Requirements

Download the Teaching Area Requirements (PDF)

Exit Strategies

Students completing the Bachelor of Education (Secondary) in Dual mode with the Bachelor of Arts who decide to discontinue their enrolment in this program may exit the program and enrol in the Bachelor of Arts program in Single mode.

Students may transfer from the combined degree Program to the single Arts degree program in their first 2 years.

After three years study in the dual degree, students may exit the program with a Bachelor of Arts with a Major in Education (60 UOC) and a Minor in an area of discipline study. Students who elect this option should follow one of the following exit strategies:

  1. Students identified at the end of Semester 1 in Year 3 will be required to complete 12 UOC of general education courses, 6 UOC of EDST Elective and 6 uoc in the upper level Arts course that would have been their first teaching subject.
  2. Students identified at the beginning of first semester in Year 4 will be required to complete 12 UOC of general education courses instead of the Year 4 courses.

Students seeking to exit the program should contact the UNSW Arts and Social Sciences Student Centre.

Further Information

Contact the UNSW Arts and Social Sciences Student Services

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