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Note: This program is not available as a standalone degree.

The Bachelor of Education (Secondary) [BEd (Sec)] is a program for intending secondary school teachers. It is designed to be combined with another appropriate Bachelor degree (eg. Bachelor of Arts, Science, Commerce, Economics, Music, etc) in order to provide students with a nationally accredited preservice qualification in one or two approved secondary teaching specialisations. The Bachelor of Education covers both theoretical and practical aspects of education, including 80 days supervised professional experience in at least two different secondary schools. The UNSW BEd (Sec) can only be completed full-time or part-time in Dual Mode (the equivalent of two years full-time study). The Bachelor of Education in Dual Mode has a depth component but no breadth component. 

The Depth component is:

  1. The completion of Education Core courses (66 UOC - 10 courses)
  2. The completion of prescribed Education method courses (24 UOC - 4 courses)
  3. The completion of one prescribed Education elective (6 UOC - 1 course)


Study Level


Typical duration

3 Years

Delivery Mode


Intake Period

Term 1, Term 3

Academic Calendar

3+ Calendar

Minimum Units of Credit


Award type

Bachelors Pass


Bachelor of Education (Secondary) - BEd (Secondary)

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Participation and Enrolment Requirements
Progression Requirements
Internships and Placements


University Medal

Award of Pass with Distinction

Additional Information

Participation and Enrolment Requirements

For accreditation as a teacher in NSW, all teacher education students will need to meet the Participation and Enrolment Requirements set by the NSW Education Standards Authority (NESA).

For more information, see the Arts & Social Sciences website.

Teaching Area Requirements for 4053 Arts/Education (Secondary)

Download the Teaching Area Requirements (PDF)

Major and Minor Stream requirements in dual programs

Students must be careful in the selection of courses in their second dual program so that they meet the requirements for teaching in specific areas of specialisation.

Students should check with the School of Education the teaching specialisation requirements in dual mode in the other program to ensure they provide appropriate background for two single or one double secondary teaching specialisations.

New South Wales Education Standards Authority (NESA)

This initial teacher education program is accredited by NESA. NESA requirements for initial teacher education programs are continually updated to meet industry demands. Updates to requirements will apply to all students in this program regardless of commencement date. The School of Education will provide advice to all existing students about how they will meet NESA graduate teacher requirements over the duration of the program.

Further Information

Contact the UNSW Arts and Social Sciences Student Services for advice.

Program Fees

At UNSW fees are generally charged at course level and therefore dependent upon individual enrolment and other factors such as student's residency status. For generic information on fees and additional expenses of UNSW programs, click on one of the following:

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