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The Aviation major provides the student with a deep understanding of the various technological and human systems that contribute to the safe and efficient operation of aircraft and the aviation environment. A key element in this major is the focus on the role of people as key components in a technologically advanced and complex aviation environment. There is a particular emphasis on the role of human operators (e.g. pilots, air combat officers and air traffic controllers) in aviation in infrastructure and safety management systems.

The Aviation major is designed for potential pilots, air combat officers and air traffic controllers entering the Australian Defence Force.
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Specialisation Structure

Students must complete 48 UOC.

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Double major in Physics and Aviation

For students doing a double major in Physics and Aviation, the two Level 1 Mathematics courses are to be part of the Aviation major since the Level 1 Physics courses are counted towards the Physics major.

Level 1 Mathematics Requirement

It is a requirement for entry to Levels 2 and 3 of this Major that students complete 12 UOC of Level 1 Mathematics courses, although these courses are not a defined part of the Major. Students should use the elective space in their program to complete 12 UOC of Mathematics courses.

Students must complete:

ZPEM1301 - Mathematics 1A (6 UOC) and ZPEM1302 - Mathematics 1B (6 UOC)


ZPEM1303 - Engineering Mathematics 1A (6 UOC) and ZPEM1304 - Engineering Mathematics 1B (6 UOC)

Additional Information


Students must have achieved at least a credit average (65) across the entire undergraduate program including a credit average over the Level III core courses or equivalent courses.

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