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Anatomy is the study of the structure of the human body. The word 'anatomy' is derived from the Greek, and means 'cutting up' or 'dissection'. However, anatomy today is much more than the descriptive study of the dissected body, although dissected specimens are still used for research and instruction. The study of anatomy now embraces separate but strongly related disciplines: gross anatomy deals with the description of form, arrangement and function of the bones, joints, muscles and internal organs, together with their blood and nerve supply; histology deals with the microscopic structure of tissues and cells; embryology is concerned with the normal development of the embryo and fetus from conception to birth and with the mechanisms of development and malformations; neuroanatomy deals with the internal organisation and functions of the brain and spinal cord; biological anthropology involves applying biological principles and approaches to the study of humans & non-human primates.

In all anatomy courses strong emphasis is given to the functional significance of the structures in health and in disease.

A major in Anatomy may be combined with elective courses in Biochemistry, Physiology, Microbiology, Pathology or Psychology.

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Students must complete 72 UOC.

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Level 3 Recommended Electives

The following courses are not required but are recommended as good complementary courses for this major when choosing electives:
NEUR3101 Muscle and Motor Control (6 UOC)
NEUR3221 Neurophysiology (6 UOC)
PATH3205 Molecular Basis of Disease A (6 UOC)
PATH3207 Musculoskeletal Diseases (6 UOC)
PHSL3211 Cardiovascular Physiology and (6 UOC)
PHSL3221 Endocrine, Reproductive & Dev. (6 UOC)

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Students interested in pursuing Honours in Anatomy should refer to program 4500 I Science (Honours) and the Anatomy Honours handbook entries.

Students in Advanced Science who are interested in pursuing Honours in Anatomy should refer to the Anatomy Honours handbook entry.

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