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This Genetics major offers a general introduction to the discipline during the first years of study and then allows students to diversify into the more specialised areas of genetics, including molecular genetics, human genetics, plant and microbial molecular biology, conservation biology, etc. Molecular biology has had a major impact on this discipline and is ideal for those students whose interests are in understanding and appreciating biological processes at the molecular rather than the descriptive level. The study of genetics has taken a more computer/systems approach and the major has a significant focus in this discipline integration of these approaches at the cellular, whole organism and population level.
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Students must complete 90 UOC.

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Recommended Courses

- Students are strongly encouraged to take all three of BABS3151, BABS3021/MICR3621 and BINF3010 where their program allows.
- Students are also encouraged to complete BABS3281 Molecular Frontiers, particularly as an elective if they are thinking of completing Honours.

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