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Biotechnology can be defined as the use of various biological processes to make products and perform services. The essential feature of biotechnology therefore is the use of biological processes based on living cells and biochemical macro-molecules such as proteins, DNA and RNA in a rapidly-expanding range of activities of benefit to mankind.
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Students must complete 84 UOC.

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Suggested Free Electives

Suggested Free Electives;
- ACCT1501 Accounting and Financial Management 1A
- MGMT2010 Innovation & Entrepreneurship

Suggested Science Electives

Level 2 Recommended courses:
- BABS2202 Molecular Cell Biology 1
- BABS2204 Genetics or BABS2264 Genetics (Advanced)

Level 2 Suggested courses:
- BINF2010 Introduction to Bioinformatics
- CHEM2021 Organic Chemistry: Mechanisms & Biomolecules
- CHEM2041 Analytical Chemistry: Essential Methods
- PHAR2011 Introductory Pharmacology and Toxicology
- SCIF2199 Science Work Placement

Level 3 Recommended courses:
- MICR3061 Viruses and Disease
- BABS3081 Bacteria & Disease
- MICR3071 Environmental Microbiology
- BABS3021 Microbial Genetics or MICR3621 Microbial Genetics (Advanced)
- BIOC3261 Human Biochemistry
- BABS3041 Immunology 1
- BIOC3111 Molecular Biology of Proteins
- BIOC3271 Molecular Cell Biology 2 or BIOC3671 Molecular Cell Biology 2 (Advanced)
- BABS3291 Genes, Genomes & Evolution
- BABS3151 Human Molecular Genetics & Disease
- BABS3121 Molecular Biology of Nucleic Acids or BABS3621 Molecular Biology of Nucleic Acids (Advanced)

Level 3 Suggested courses:
- BINF3010 Bioinformatics Methods & Applications
- BABS3281 Molecular Frontiers

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For information about Honours in Biotechnology see the Biotechnology Honours plan or contact the School of Biotechnology & Biomolecular Sciences (BABS).

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