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This offers a stream to undergraduate students intending to practice in Cyber Security in industry. This is a high demand area of employment and is forecast to have serious undersupply of graduates to at least 2025. The cyber security education design is based on the security approaches of Ross Anderson and Bruce Schneier and incorporates an explicit engineering focus to security, rather than the more usual ad hoc "hacker"?, or commercial "responsive"? approaches of cyber security education.

The core courses in the stream teach analysis and systematic professional approaches to engineering security and examine failures, bugs, and human / system interactions and issues. There is an ongoing focus on security by design and professional ethical security practice.

Specialist elective courses allow students to specialise in their areas of interest and skill. Graduates of the stream are equipped for careers in penetration testing, incident response, software assessment, malware analysis, forensics, military or law enforcement, security consulting, and security lead in dev teams. This stream relies on students being exposed to C and to secure coding and vulnerabilities in first year including: memory use (data representation, the heap, function calls and the stack), and some assembly.
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Students must complete 96 UOC.

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