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Italian Studies enable you to explore the long and fascinating linguistic and cultural heritage of one of Australia’s most important migrant groups and equip you with appropriate knowledge and skills for communicating in the Italian language. Through language study, you will acquire an understanding of the social and cultural contexts in which the Italian language is used and develop an understanding of Italy, its place in the world and its legacy in Australia.

At UNSW, Italian Studies combine the teaching of practical language skills with the study of history, society, culture and customs. You will gain knowledge and skills relevant to a wide range of career paths from business, trade and commerce to diplomacy, tourism and the media.

Placement Information

Introductory Italian courses are designed for students with little or no knowledge of Italian. If you have prior knowledge, you should contact the UNSW School of Humanities and Languages online placement questionnaire for appropriate placement.

Placement into senior level (ITLN2xxx) courses at the University of Sydney depends on your prior knowledge of the language. Please consult the University of Sydney Handbook under the Subject Areas tab for more information.

Cross-Institutional Arrangement with University of Sydney

If you undertake Italian Studies as a minor, you may complete some components of your study through cross-institutional study at the University of Sydney. Once you successfully complete Italian courses cross-institutionally, you will have your results reported as transfer credits at UNSW, that is, specific grades will not appear on your UNSW transcript.

If you are a Commonwealth-supported student (domestic undergraduate student) in a UNSW program you need to pay the student contribution amounts at the University of Sydney for each course. If you are an international student you need to pay the corresponding tuition fees.

You will be required to pay the Student Services and Amenities Fees (SSAF) at the University of Sydney. You may seek a refund for the corresponding UNSW fees if you are concurrently enrolled at UNSW.

You are responsible for all travel and any ancillary or incidental costs or expenses.

In undertaking cross-institutionally study at the University of Sydney, you are responsible for ensuring that all the requirements for their application are completed and submitted by the deadlines advertised.

The cross-institutional arrangement with the University of Sydney is subject to annual review by both Universities. It may be discontinued or varied at any time at the Universities’ sole discretion. If the arrangement is discontinued, UNSW will put in place alternative arrangements so that you can finish your study.

Please note, if you are considering cross-institutional study you should contact the UNSW Arts and Social Sciences Student Centre.

Study Level


Minimum Units of Credit


Specialisation Type


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Specialisation Structure

Students must complete 24 UOC.

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The minor in Italian (24 uoc) must not be taken as it is not an approved teaching specialisation.

Intermediate Language Courses

If you commence at Intermediate Level you must take 12 UOC of the following courses at the University of Sydney via Cross Institutional Study. You must also take 12 uoc of Prescribed Electives listed below. You may take Italian 7 ITLN3611 followed by Italian 8 ITLN3612 as prescribed electives.
- ITLN2611 Italian 3
- ITLN2612 Italian 4

Prescribed Electives via cross-institutional study

You can take up to a maximum of 12 UOC of the following courses at the University of Sydney.
- ITLN2611 Italian 3
- ITLN2612 Italian 4
- ITLN3601 Made in Italy: Language at Work
- ITLN3611 Italian 7
- ITLN3612 Italian 8
- ITLN3668 Issues of Language and Society in Italy
- ITLN3667 Images of Contemporary Italy
- ITLN3688 Advanced Italian: Translation
- ITLN3691 History of Italian Literature
- ITLN3694 Dante and the Middle Ages

Pre-2019 Handbook Editions

Access past handbook editions (2018 and prior)

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