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Applied Mathematics concerns the development of Mathematics and models for understanding scientific phenomena, for the solution of technical and industrial problems, and for use in the social, economic and management sciences. Courses are designed to provide basic mathematical and computational skills needed for a wide range of applications, to develop the capability to construct, analyse and interpret mathematical models, and to encourage enthusiasm for the role of the mathematician in a variety of contexts.
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Students must complete 90 UOC.

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Recommended Level 1 Electives

These courses are not required but are recommended as good complementary Level 1 electives for this major.

Students interested in physical sciences or theoretical oceanography, meterology or fluid dynamics, both of:
PHYS1121 Physics 1A (6 UOC)
PHYS1221 Physics 1B (6 UOC)

Students interest in social or biological sciences, at least 12 UOC (i.e. both level I courses from the subject area) from:

BABS1201 Molecules, Cells and Genes (6 UOC)
BIOS1101 Evolutionary & Functional Biol (6 UOC)

PSYC1001 Psychology 1A (6 UOC)
PSYC1011 Psychology 1B (6 UOC)

CHEM1011 Essentials of Chemistry 1A (6 UOC)
CHEM1021 Essentials of Chemistry 1B (6 UOC)

Students interested in computational methods or computer science:
COMP1511 Introduction to Programming (6 UOC)

Recommended Level 2 Electives

Students in this major are recommended to include at least 6 UOC from the following among their electives:

MATH2241 Intro to Atmos & Oceans (6 UOC)

Additional Information


Students completing a major in Applied Mathematics may be eligible to undertake Honours in Applied Mathematics, Pure Mathematics, or Statistics.

Please consult with staff from the School of Mathematics and Statistics

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